Monday, 28 March 2016

What Drone Would You Buy if You Were Given a $1000?

Up for a hypothetical question?

Imagine walking by a store that sells drones; and out comes the owner sprinting out of the shop. He races up to you and says, "It's your lucky day! I'm going to give you anything in my shop up to the value of $1000"!

 You've got one hour to choose what you want, but your purchase has to be:
  • A drone;
  • Drone camera;
  • Micro SD Cards;
  • Drone protective camera lens;
  • Battery pack;
  • Propellers;
  • Propeller guards;
  • Remote controller monitor hood;
  • Backpack or carrying case to transport your gear;
  • Or some other kind of droning or drone gear.

You can make purchases from:
  • The Best-Seller;
  • Bundles; or 
  • Lightning deal aisle as well.

You can get as many products as you like, as long as they total $1000 or less.

What would you get?

Let's use the prices at Amazon's Photography Drones, as they have most things.

Now, don't get too caught up in the details. After all, what I'm asking is what gear you've currently got your eye on! 

Over to You

You can share your picks in the comments below.

What are you waiting for? Let's go shopping.

Above all fly responsibly.

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