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On this page, you'll find various types of resources relating to you and your drone such as:

  • Articles about drones.
  • Videos
  • Map(s)
The information here is to supplement posts and make you a well-rounded droner capable of making more informed decisions.

You are welcome to suggest content to be added to this page, or even topics you'd like me to cover.


If you are a wedding photographer, you could make yourself more marketable by expanding your gear to include a drone. Check out this Guide to Drone Wedding Photography from 


I've always been a movie fan. I loved the Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone. As I child I would wonder at the skill of the movie makers, and how they managed to keep the sound of the helicopter doing the filming out. There were even a few movies with brief snatches of a plane or helicopter.

With a drone, all these nuances can be laid to rest. Here's an Insider's Guide to Drone Videography from

No Fly Zone Map

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